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German Dual Language Immersion

Why German?

  • German is one of the three official languages of the European Union, and two of the UN’s headquarters are located in German-speaking countries.
  • Germany and China trade places with each other for the greatest share in travel, tourism and trade.
  • At a 2009 business and language summit, Utah companies listed German as one of the top five languages for Utah business and industry.
  • A wide variety of languages is vital for educating global citizens in Utah. Each language and culture has something unique to offer, and expands students’ opportunities for understanding different perspectives. 
  • Germany is a world leader in green technologies, alternative energy and pharmaceuticals. These industries will grow considerably during the working lives of our current students.
  • Over 3000 German companies, and some of the most successful ones, are also located in the U.S. For example, Adidas, Siemens, T-Mobile, Trader Joe’s and Volkswagen all originate in Germany.
  • Knowledge of German benefits students in any university discipline and particularly enhances understanding of engineering math, science, history, literature and the arts.
German DLI Phase Out

DLI Additional Resources

Click here to take your AAPPL test.    The following is a list of resources that you can use to supplement German learning at home. The content is not curated by the Tooele Count School District. Check back periodically for new resources!   

German Math Practice:

Online German Games:

German Dictionaries

German Websites

Here are some websites where you can practice your German.

German Stories to Read

German Apps

These are just a few apps you might consider downloading on a smartphone or tablet that can help you learn German. There are many more, and while some are free, some do cost money.

Duolingo (See

Memrise (See

Learn German by Mindsnacks (

FluentU (

Rosetta Stone (

Memrise (

Anki (

iStartGerman (

DeutschAkadamie (Google App Store)

Wie geht's? (

German News and Podcasts

These are great resources to use to practice listening comprehension by listening to native speakers.

German Pen Pals

You might consider trying to reach out to a German-speaking pen pal so you can write back and forth to practice both of your language skills.

German Labels

This is a spreadsheet that has a list of German labels for rooms and other common household objects you can use as labels around where you live.

German Labels

German Songs