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Daily Update: March 23, 3:30 p.m.

Report Cards: Third and Fourth Quarter report cards will be available online. Parents may request through the school to have a report card printed and mailed.
Instructional/Learning Packets: The first round of instructional packets can be utilized up to April 3rd for our current school dismissal.  The Teaching & Learning department is busy at work creating a second packet for after spring break if needed. Please contact your teacher if there are questions about learning packets. 
Grades: Grading for the fourth quarter has moved to a Pass/Incomplete. The Pass/Incomplete is not inclusive of Concurrent Enrollment. Concurrent Enrollment classes/grading is governed by that higher education institution and we will follow their guidelines for these classes. 
Schools and the District Office will remain open during dismissal (except for Spring Break). 
Assessments/Testing: We are currently waiting for information on the assessment waiver the school district submitted for end of year testing. We still have students who need to make up the missed ACT. Schools should contact the Director of Assessment, Accountability & Research for any questions 
Breakfast/Lunch: Today, 11,025 meals were served. Along with the 13 schools serving meals, there have been additional stops added for buses dropping meals off. Please contact the Child Nutrition department for up to date information, 435-833-1920. 
WiFi Hot Spots: There is a list (attached) of locations or options for wi-fi availability for students. These are not TCSD sponsored/affiliated.