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Special Events » West Swim Party 2018

West Swim Party 2018

Congratulations to all those that recorded their minutes monthly and received a swim ticket.  Before the party  Friday night, here are few things to know:


  1. Children must come with an adult, 16 years or older, THAT STAYS THE ENTIRE TIME. If they do not come with an adult, they will not be let in to swim.  Adults and preschool siblings are allowed to swim with their child.


  1. Only West Elementary children with tickets will be invited to swim. Any others will not. This is a private party.  No paid public swimming will be allowed.


  1. The party ends at 10 pm. Whistle will blow at 9:45 so that everyone will have time to get out, get dried off and be gone by 10 pm.


Everyone must leave by 10 pm so the lifeguards and pool staff can go home