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West Elementary PTA 
Reflections 2020-2021 
I Matter Because
Reflections is an individual art contest sponsored by West Elementary PTA. It is divided into six categories: 
  • Visual Art (2D and 3D)
  • Photography 
  • Music (must be recorded)
  • Literature 
  • Film/Theater (must be recorded)
  • Choreography/Dance (must be videoed; can be taught to friends)
All entries must be the original idea and creation of the contestant entering the contest. No copyrighted material is allowed. (Example: No works from Disney, Nintendo, Minecraft, etc.)
Contestants can enter more than one category, but can only send one entry in a single category. (Example: Enter one entry in Music and one entry in Visual Arts)
All entries will be entered online by participants or parents at www.UtahPTA.org/reflections. No entries will come to the school this year unless help is needed to enter them online. 
All entries must be turned into Mrs. Taylor in the school library no later than Friday, September 25th, 2020. 
The PTA Awards will be announced Tuesday, September 30th through email. All prizes awarded will consist of Reflections medals and gift certificates for the Scholastic Book Fair. The Book Fair will be online and winners will receive a certificate to fill out with the books they want. Mrs. Taylor will order them and give them to the winners when the books arrive. Medals will be given to students the day after winners are announced during the school day. 
For additional information about each category's rules and presentations, please go to www.UtahPTA.org/reflections. If you have any additional questions, please contact Mrs. Taylor at LeTaylor@tooeleschools.org or on Facebook on the West Elementary PTA, Tooele page. 
How to Submit Reflections Online 
Go to www.UtahPTA.org/Reflections. Click Reflections Official Rules and print it out.
Then look up and print out specific category rules, such as Photography, 3-D Art, Literature, etc. These category rules explain what is expected for the entry, such as size, type of file to send (i.e. jpeg, mp3, etc.) copyright rules, etc.contest. Please read these so that you are in compliance to enter the contest and are not disqualified. 
When you are ready to submit your entry, go to www.UtahPTA.org/Reflections
Click on the little person icon in the upper right corner of the screen. It will give you a dropdown menu. Please go to Register and enter the information on the form. It will ask for your position. Please type "Parent" or "Student". 
After you have registered, click the person icon again and click Reflections. The first box is blue and says Submit Reflection Entries. Please click the box. 
There is a green box that says +Add entries. Click it and then follow the instructions on filling out the entry form. All questions with red asterisks must be answered. It is important that there is a title of the entry and the Artist Statement fully explains why the entry was created and how it relates to the theme "I Matter Because..." Judging is partially based on how the entry reflects the theme of the contest. 
You will need to download your entry from your computer and it needs to be in a specific format. Please read the specific category rules to find out what format you need to enter. 
If things are not filled out properly, it will keep sending you back until it is, so be aware. Once everything has been properly filled out, the screen will prompt you to send it on. 
If you need any help, please contact me at LeTaylor@tooeleschools.org and I will get back to you. 
Mrs. Taylor