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Principal's Message

August 2018
What a great start! It is great to have our students back at school. I wanted to speak briefly about student drop-off, pick-up, and parking. If you are dropping your student off and are entering the parking lot from 400 West, please find a place to stop in a designated drop off zone and have your student exit onto the curb and walk along the sidewalk until they reach the school. If you are stopped in a drop-off zone, please do not leave your vehicle unattended. If you are unable to find a spot in a drop-off zone or if you need to leave your vehicle, you may park in a designated parking spot and walk with your child across the parking lot to the sidewalk. 
If you are entering the parking lot from 500 West, please park in a designated parking spot. Your student should walk up the sidewalk to the crosswalk where they may cross the bus lane. Please do not allow your student to cross the bus lane anywhere but at the crosswalk. Please remember that only buses or district vehicles are allowed in the bus lane.
Please remember to be courteous and kind as you interact with others while parking. If we can all follow these expectations, we hope to reduce the risk of harm or injury to our students.
***For questions regarding designated parking and drop-off areas, please download the parking guide to the right of this post***
I'd also like to inform you of a change to our afternoon pick-up procedures. In an effort to increase school safety, at the end of the school day, teachers will walk their classes to a specific exit and excuse them from school. We encourage any parents/family members who are picking up students to wait outside the designated exits for their students. On each exit, there are signs listing the classes who will be excused out that exit. If you need further clarification, please contact the office. We thank you for your support as we work to provide a safe, positive, and educational environment.
July 2017
I'm excited to announce that we have hired a STEM Lab Aide to teach our STEM rotation this year. Mr. Therianos is retired from the United States Air Force where he worked as an electrical engineer. He he has also been a substitute in the Tooele County School District for 7 years. We'd like to welcome him to our team. Not only will our teachers continue to apply STEM principles in their instruction, but for 40 minutes a week students will have access to our STEM lab where they will perform experiments, solve problems, build technology, and create new ideas. We look forward to providing our students with weekly hands-on STEM experiences.
May 2017
I want to thank everyone for making 2016-17 a wonderful school year. One of West Elementary's themes this year was "Teach someone something you learned today." In order for us to truly understand something, we need to be able to teach it to another person. We invite everyone to continue to practice teaching others throughout the summer. It doesn't have to be math, or spelling, but anything you learn that you feel is interesting or exciting, teach it to someone else. Have a great summer!