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Principal's Message

Back to School 2020


Welcome back to school! We know that this year will look and feel differently, but we are committed to providing each student a safe, positive and effective learning experience. We know there are many questions and uncertainties, and we will do our best to answer all that we can. We have put together a back to school plan that will help to answer many of those questions. This plan is focused on the safety expectations and adjustments that are specific to West Elementary. For a more comprehensive understanding of back to school guidelines, please visit https://www.tooeleschools.org/apps/pages/TCSDfall2020. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Mr. Poole (cpoole@tooeleschools.org or 435-833-1931).

Our first priority is to help everyone experience physical, mental, and emotional safety. We recognize that the uncertainty and fear that you may be experiencing is real, is valid, and is important. We also believe that when we support each other we have the power to recognize, regulate, and ultimately rise above our fears and challenges. We have picked the phrase “Heart of a Lion” to symbolize our effort to empower everyone to work together to create a safe, healthy, and positive community and mindset. Please join us as we try to bring out the “Heart of a Lion” in each one of us this school year.

Clint Poole



View the full plan here (this document may be updated): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LiGwSMaRJ4W_u7W84kFK505NbXkBGUNK0KnKA29G3M8/edit?usp=sharing

For a PDF version of the plan click here: