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Counselor's Corner

(See below for information on free youth mental health screenings!)
September Counselor Class Visits
At the beginning of this school year, counselor visits are focused on being a good friend.
For younger students, we are discussing how to make friends and what a good friend does and does not do. We read part of the book How to Be a Friend by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown.
How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them by Laurie  Krasny Brown
With older students, we go more into depth on what makes a good friendship with the book Our Friendship Rules by Peggy Moss. In small groups, they choose which friendship rules mean the most to them. Talk to your child about what they learned!
Examples of Friendship RulesOur Friendship Rules: Moss, Peggy, Tardif, Dee Dee, Imre Geis, Alissa:  9780884482918: Amazon.com: Books
Upcoming Events
Free Youth Mental Health Screening (Spanish available on request)
October 24 at Tooele High School
October 25 at Grantsville High School
November 9 at Stansbury High School
November 10 at Blue Peak High School
Mental Health Screening Flyer - English
Mental Health Screening Flyer - Spanish
A great resource to help with mental health!
SafeUT App for Mental Health Support
Pamela Keller, School Counselor
Pamela Keller
West Elementary School Counselor
At West Elementary Mondays, Thursdays, and as needed. 
This site includes a lot of information, including how to access mental health care in Tooele.